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The Cinnamon Heights Estate is an idea of professionals who have been in the real estate business in Sri Lanka and Germany for over 10 years. The concept of the gated community and the design of the houses are the result of many years of experience with the facts of life in Sri Lanka: the climate, the mentality, the material available.

Cinnamon Heights Estate was a purposeful and conscious decision against a beach front development. Beach means noise, high maintenance, unforseeable development in the neighbourhood and enormous costs. We wanted to be sure that our little paradise will be as enchanting in 20 years as it is today.

Under the umbrella of their company Kandumana Development (PVT) LTD we bought 32,000 m² (= 8 acres) of picturesque hill land, built a motorable road, set up our own water supply system and got electricity to the site.

Kandumana Development (PVT) LTD is the company responsible for the infrastructure of tCinnamon Heights Estate as well as for the management of the construction of the individual houses. In addition Kandumana Development (PVT) LTD manages Cinnamon Heights Estate and provides all services.