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The Cinnamon Heights Estate is a concept for foreigners who want to live in paradise – without the headache of managing their property themselves and without depending on local friends or employees.


Ideal location - rural but close to all "hot spots"

A paradise is very hard to find these days. Cinnamon Heights is one! Off the beaten tracks in a rural area where you'll enjoy the original Sri Lanka, its lush nature and its people - today as well as in 20 years. In our area there will never be high rises, dense population, discos or factories.

At the same time you can quickly reach Galle or Colombo for shopping, culture and sophisticated hang-outs. 15 minutes from your house you can enjoy Hikkaduwa's 5 kilometres of sandy beach for walks, surfing, swimming or restaurant hopping.

However, you'll spend most of your time "at home", because it beats all other options: there is a constant breeze, the spectacular 10 km view, your refreshing pool, the birds, your comfortable house, the enchanting mist underneath your land in the early mornings, the undisturbed song of crickets and faint frog concerts in the evenings. In one word: your paradise.


Individual houses - perfectly designed for western lifestyle

In addition to professional architects we used the input of foreigners who have had houses in Sri Lanka since 10 - 30 years to write our "design bible" with all the important details that make a life comfortable under our unique conditions. Details make all the difference in the tropics! Your house will not only look good - it will also work.


All services provided

Your property will be safe and be taken care of during your stay - and during the time that you can’t be in Sri Lanka. You don't needs local friends to manage your property. You get professionals to do it.

You'll quickly find out that you need less assistance than expected. Even in the next small town of Baddegama (5 min. by car) you find small supermarkets, banks, petrol stations, fruit markets or bakeries. We'll give you a list of typical local prices, and you'll even enjoy shopping in the village "boutique" (= small grocery).


All owners are like minded

Cinnamon Heights Estate is a gated community exclusively for foreign holiday makers and retirees. Here you will find neighbours who enjoy a silent life in the middle of a green paradise. There is no road disturbing you, no disco, no busy hotel, no neighbours with barking dogs, annoying TV noise etc.

All owners agree to certain rules which for instance ensure that your view will not be spoiled by future construction or huge trees on the wrong spot.

You can be sure that your paradise stays a paradise!