Sri Lanka Holiday House buy
New House with pool price

Buy existing house - or get an individually built house

You can purchase the house we built to prove the quality standard we are able to provide. Or you let us plan and build a house for you that is taylor made for you.

Since the topography of the estate – 32,000 m² in total – varies substantially from plot to plot the plans and costs of your house will have to correspond with the individual location and size of your plot.

Visit the site and lets talk about your ideas and options.


Examples for house prices


House A (= our „display house“)
91 m² house (incl. verandah), bungalow style (= one floor)
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom, 1 guest toilet
22 m² infinity swimming pool
12 m² deck next to the pool
1,500 m² land
148,000 US$

House B
135 m² house (inc. verandah), two floors
3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
1 guest toilet
36 m² infinity swimming pool
16 m² deck next to the pool
1500 m² land
209,000 US$

House C
180 m² house (inc. verandah), split level (=two floors on slope, top floor 120 m², ground floor 60 m²)
3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
1 guest toilet
40 m² infinity swimming pool
20 m² deck next to the pool
3000 m² land
287,000 US$

House D
270 m² house(inc. verandah), two floors
4-5 bedrooms with one bathroom each
1 guest toilet
48 m² Infinity Swimming-Pool
28 m² deck next to the pool
3000 m² land
382,000 US$


Tax-free freehold ownership for foreign investors

Through a special legal construction you can obtain freehold ownership and don't have to pay taxes. You can sell at a profit - tax-free. You can legally earn rental profits at a very low taxation (presently zero to 18 percent of the rental income).